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Wills Law Firm in St. Petersburg, Florida

A will is a document that outlines what should happen to your property, money, and assets should you pass away. In these times of great uncertainty, baby boomers, the elderly, people over age 60, and anyone with an interest in making clear their wishes about how their property, money, and assets should be distributed to loved ones and heirs should they pass away may strongly consider writing a will. If you die without a will in Florida, Florida’s intestate laws will determine who receives your assets and property. In Florida, if you die with no will, your spouse will generally inherit everything. If you have children, but no spouse, generally your estate will be divided among your children. If you have a spouse and children from another marriage or partnership, your children will receive half the estate and your spouse the other half.

With a will in place, you can make clear who inherits what, what your wishes are regarding your inheritance, how you want certain assets distributed, and more. While it is possible to write your will yourself, it can be wise to hire a will lawyer in St. Petersburg, Florida, like the Baby Boomers’ Barrister. On a recent on-line forum, someone asked if they needed a lawyer to write a will.  A lawyer answered, saying that a lawyer is not necessary and that lawyers make much of their money fixing the mess that people create when they do their own will. The will lawyers at the Baby Boomers’ Barrister in St. Petersburg, Florida can assist you with writing your will and can help you navigate the estate planning process. Failing to get adequate assistance when writing your will could lead to possible mistakes that can cost your family money in taxes or disputes. For some, a will is sufficient, while others may want to establish a trust. Getting your will correct now is important to prevent disputes and potentially money-draining court cases later. It also offers your family peace of mind going forward. While it is possible to use will templates online, these templates may not always consider your unique financial situation. Furthermore, wills must be properly witnessed and signed in order to be valid. Baby Boomers’ Barrister is a wills law firm in St. Petersburg, Florida that can assist you with the writing and proper execution of your will.

What Should Be Included in Your Will?

 Several things should be considered in your will. The first thing you’ll want to do is select your beneficiaries. Your beneficiaries are the people you want to inherit your property, assets, and money. If you have children with only one spouse, usually the naming of beneficiaries is easy. However, if you have remarried and have children from prior marriages, you may need to be very specific about your beneficiaries and be very specific about who inherits what.

You’ll also want to choose a person to serve as your executor. It is possible to name an attorney as an executor, but many people choose a trusted family member to serve as the executor of the estate. If you have minor children, you’ll also want to choose a person to serve as a guardian for your children. Make sure you take the time to speak to the person you are choosing, because if the person refuses, the state may then have the authority to choose a person to serve as a guardian for your children.

Once you have selected your beneficiaries, you’ll also want to be clear about who inherits what. Splitting bank accounts, savings, and investments may be easy enough, but when it comes to family heirlooms, the family home, and other assets, you may need to carefully consider who gets what and be very specific about how you plan to ensure that your wishes are carried out. For example, will the family home be put in the names of all your children if you pass away? Or, is the family home to be sold and the proceeds split? Being specific about what you want can prevent disputes and make the process of distributing your assets after you pass away go more smoothly.

Finally, if you have a pet, you’ll also need to consider who you want caring for him or her. Pets are generally considered property, so you’ll need to name an heir who will receive your pet. Speaking to the person with whom you want to care for your pet after you pass away is a good idea. Some people also choose to include assets and other provisions to help their loved ones care for a pet after they pass away.

Finally, make sure the will is properly witnessed and signed.  In Florida, the formalities concerning the signing are very important.  A will must be signed by the testator in front of two witnesses. The attesting witnesses must sign the will in the presence of the testator and in the presence of each other. The witness of your signing should not be a person who is a beneficiary. It is also important that the will be “self-proved.”   The testator and the witnesses sign a declaration, which is notarized, that that will was executed properly.  The Baby Boomers’ Barrister is a wills lawyer in St. Petersburg, Florida that can also review your will, oversee the signing, and ensure that everything is properly written. Contact the Baby Boomers’ Barrister, a wills law firm in St. Petersburg, Florida today to receive help with your will.

Need Help Writing a Will in St. Petersburg, Florida?

If you are thinking of writing your will or need to double check that your current will is up to date and enforceable, reach out to the Baby Boomers’ Barrister today. It is sometimes a good idea to review your will from time to time, particularly if you’ve undergone major life changes like divorce, remarriage, or if family members who were beneficiaries have passed away.

Our wills lawyer in St. Petersburg, Florida can assist you with your estate planning needs. Some families can benefit from having a will, while others might benefit from using a trust or other estate plan option. The wills lawyer at the Baby Boomers’ Barrister can review your family’s unique situation and guide you on the next steps. We will work with you to help you find an estate planning option to best save you money and help you plan for the future. Baby Boomers’ Barrister is a wills law firm in St. Petersburg, Florida that can help you every step of the way. Contact our firm today to begin estate planning now.




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