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Medicaid Planning Law Firm in St. Petersburg, Florida

Eligible low-income adults, children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people with disabilities can receive health coverage, nursing home care, and personal care services through Medicaid. Under the law, individuals who receive Supplemental Security Income, pregnant women, children, and other low-income adults qualify for services under Medicaid. According to the Medicaid website, individuals applying for Medicaid must meet financial eligibility requirements in order to qualify. Income eligibility is based on Modified Adjusted Gross Income. This method takes into account the applicant’s taxable income when determining eligibility. The income standards that determine eligibility for Medicaid are based on the federal poverty level. Individuals who are over age 65, those who are blind, and those who are disabled can apply for Medicaid for assistance. Individuals who are considered medically needy may also qualify for Medicaid. If a person has high medical expenses and his or her income exceeds guidelines, he or she may still qualify. The laws regarding Medicaid eligibility are complex and also vary from state to state. When navigating the system, it can sometimes help to have someone guide the way. A Medicaid planning lawyer at the Baby Boomers’ Barrister in St. Petersburg, Florida can review your situation, help you understand the qualification requirements, and assist you with financial planning so that you will have the best chance of meeting eligibility requirements when the time comes, or now, if you are in the process of getting documentation ready to apply for Medicaid.

Do you have questions about whether you might qualify for Medicaid? Baby Boomers’ Barrister is a Medicaid planning law firm in St. Petersburg, Florida. Our Medicaid planning lawyer can review your family’s unique situation and offer you guidance on the next steps.

Medicaid vs. Medicare

 When it comes to Medicaid planning, it is important to understand the distinction between Medicaid and Medicare. What is the difference between Medicaid and Medicare? Medicaid offers health care coverage for low-income Americans regardless of their age, while Medicare is a program that provides health care coverage to Americans over age 65 and for those who are disabled. Medicare is based on your age and whether you are disabled. If you are over age 65 or are disabled, you are covered. Medicaid, on the other hand is based on eligibility requirements determined by the state in which you are applying for this type of coverage. For example, some individuals who are not under the poverty level may also qualify for Medicaid.

Medicaid may provide additional coverage beyond Medicare alone. For example, Medicare A and B plans do not cover dental care, while Medicaid coverage may cover both preventative dental care as well as other needed dental care. Medicaid may also provide vision coverage. Medicaid can also cover nursing home care and personal care services to those who need it. This is an important aspect about Medicaid coverage because nursing home care and personal care services can be quite costly and can drain middle class and wealthier families’ resources. So, what is covered under Medicaid? Hospitalization, emergency room treatment, laboratory services, doctor’s visits, nursing care, family planning, home healthcare services, and more are covered.

Baby Boomers’ Barrister is a Medicaid planning law firm in St. Petersburg, Florida that works with individuals looking for estate planning options that can offer their families peace of mind for the future, especially if families anticipate that their medical needs may increase or change. Planning for your retirement and for the future can be complex. The laws in place that determine Medicaid eligibility are complex. Baby Boomers’ Barrister is a Medicaid planning law firm that may be able to help you.

What a Medicaid Planning Law Firm Can Do for You in St. Petersburg, Florida 

Baby Boomers’ Barrister is a Medicaid planning law firm in St. Petersburg, Florida that can review your family’s financial situation. Our Medicaid planning lawyer can review available trusts and other financial structures that may be able to protect your family’s financial health going forward. The cost of health care can grow as we age. Nursing care can be incredibly costly. A Medicaid planning law firm like the Baby Boomers’ Barrister in St. Petersburg, Florida can help you understand Medicaid eligibility requirements and help you understand your options going forward. When it comes to wealth protection and protecting the savings and home you worked hard for, Medicaid planning should be part of any estate plan, trust plan, and end of life planning. Reach out to the Baby Boomers’ Barrister today to learn more. Your Medicaid planning steps will depend on whether you need to apply for Medicaid right away, or anticipate needing Medicaid in the future. It will depend on your financial situation, your assets, and your income. Let the Baby Boomers’ Barrister review your situation today and help you with the next steps.

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