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Brian McNeelaBrian McNeela
19:45 24 Apr 24
Skip came to us via a recommendation from a friend to whom he had provided wonderful advice. She gave him a big thumbs up. We'd been stalling on " taking care of business " but Skip was through, professional & informative. The process to establish all the necessary Baby Boomer Estate, Trust, Wills & Medical Directives was made much less challenging with Skip's advice & holistic approach to planning. It's a major sigh of relief to know that we have addressed these challenging topics - both for us & our loved ones. A hearty recomendation for using Skip/Baby Boomers Barrister from a satisfied Boomer.
Kenneth YoungKenneth Young
17:25 28 Mar 24
I would highly recommend “Skip” to anyone seeking counsel for estate planning. He expertly steered me in the right direction and made the process fast and easy. Thanks again.
Anita SheltonAnita Shelton
23:59 06 Mar 24
Look no further! Baby Boomers Barrister, Attorney Skip Tylman is knowledgeable who provides professional and prompt services. I have worked with Attorney, Skip Tylman over the years with Estate planning and Probate.Skip is very responsive and understands that we might have a ton of questions. Expect nothing but the best from Attorney Skip Tylman!
Max MelendezMax Melendez
16:00 21 Feb 24
We engaged the services of Skip when my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Skip provided invaluable assistance in navigating all the final arrangements and paperwork associated with this difficult time. His expertise and attention to detail were instrumental in ensuring that we addressed all necessary aspects of the process. Moreover, when unforeseen issues arose, Skip diligently worked with us to resolve them, ultimately facilitating a smooth and expedited probate process. We are deeply grateful for Skip's guidance and support during this challenging period.
Deidre DessommesDeidre Dessommes
22:39 08 Dec 23
I recently saw Skip about my estate planning and I am very glad I found Skip. He did an outstanding job! He walked me through the entire (complicated) process and explained all the options in layman terms. Thanks to Skip, I now have all the paperwork done and it is a great feeling. I highly recommend Skip for your estate planning. You will not find a more professional and knowledgeable attorney than Skip!
Natalie NagleNatalie Nagle
17:00 05 Aug 23
My husband and I welcomed our baby boy into the world and knew we needed to get our living will and other matters in order. Skip was very helpful in providing us with guidance and the documentation we needed to make sure our little man will be well taken care of in case anything happens to us. Thank you Skip!
Jessica Sugared SalonJessica Sugared Salon
14:23 04 Aug 23
Baby Boomer Barristers, helped my family quickly and efficiently put together my fathers end of life essentials. Because my father was unexpectedly diagnosed with terminal health problems, we needed these items done as soon as possible. Skip from baby boomer barristers made this happen within 48 hrs . I’ll be using their services again.
Steve JordanSteve Jordan
16:38 09 Jul 23
I cannot say enough great things that "Skip" provided to my 95 year old mother and myself. When "Skip" found out my mother was on a walker he immediately offered to come to her home to discuss the power of attorney paperwork. He was very caring, friendly, patient, well informed and professional. His prices were inline with other lawyers I contacted. The final paperwork was prepared in a binder and was labeled with each sections.
Tim KaneTim Kane
13:21 17 Jun 23
I contacted Skip recently to put together an estate plan including a living will, power of attorney, will and trust. It was a little overwhelming with all the options and other than knowing I needed to do *something*, I really didn't know exactly what I needed to do or how to approach it. Skip was able to guide me through the process and even provided sample documents so I could get an understanding of what was involved.It took me an extra meeting or two and a few emails to understand everything involved in the trust, but he was patient and took the time to educate me on what I needed to understand. I'm very happy with the result and something that has literally been on my "to do" list for years has finally been taken care of. It was far less painful than I had thought it would be and the peace of mind he's given me is absolutely priceless.I would highly recommend Skip to anyone looking for estate planning, and my only regret is putting it off for so long!
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Estate Planning and Elder Law Lawyers in St. Petersburg & Tampa, FL

The Baby Boomers’ Barrister is the leading estate and long term care planning law firm in Tampa Bay catering exclusively to Baby Boomers and their parents.

Baby Boomers are members of the generation born between 1946 and 1964. We came of age in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. We are competent and resourceful. We are often identified as the “sandwich generation” because we are now called on to take care of both our children and our parents.

The Baby Boomers’ Barrister offers outstanding legal assistance to Baby Boomers who are developing or updating their estate plans, and who are concerned about the increasing incapacity of their parents (or themselves) and need help with long term care planning and financing.

    It is never too soon to begin planning for the future. The Baby Boomers’ Barrister: Estate Planning and Elder Law is an estate planning and elder law firm in St. Petersburg, Florida that can assist you with your Will or Trust, and long term care planning, including Medicaid and pension planning. Having a sound Will in place can give you the peace of mind that your property will pass on to those you designate and that your wishes will be carried out. There are many different types of estate planning instruments available to individuals in St. Petersburg, Florida. Writing a will is one way to plan your estate, but some families choose to use a Revocable Living Trust. The type of estate planning method you will use will depend largely on your individual needs. A trust can permit assets to avoid the probate process altogether and may save a significant amount of money. Probate is the process by which a will is proven in court after a person passes away. The method you choose will depend on your income, assets, and individual needs. Baby Boomers’ Barrister: Estate Planning and Elder Law is an estate planning law firm in St. Petersburg, Florida who can assist you with drafting a will, establishing a trust, and help you with Medicaid.

    We help baby boomers and their parents find answers to questions, such as:

    • How can I maintain control over my assets while I am alive, and ensure they will be distributed according to my wishes when I pass away?
    • How can I ensure that the assets I leave to my surviving spouse and heirs are safe?
    • How can I pass my values and work ethic to future generations?
    • How can I ensure that my parents or I get the care needed if incapacitated, and protect our life savings against the high cost of long-term care?

    While the focus of our practice is helping people avoid probate and guardianship, for those who never got around to it, we offer assistance with probate and guardianship proceedings.

    Get answers to all of these questions and more.

    Schedule an appointment with Baby Boomers’ Barrister as soon as possible.

    We serve clients in St. Petersburg and Tampa, Florida.

    Elder Law in St. Petersburg, Florida 

    An elder law firm in St. Petersburg, Florida can help you navigate many of the legal and practical challenges that aging brings. Baby Boomers’ Barrister is an elder law firm that can help you with a range of elder law matters, including:

    Lead Counsel Verified from
    • Writing a Will
    • Drafting a Durable Power of Attorney
    • Design and Drafting of a Revocable Lining Trust
    • Estate Planning Help
    • Help with the Probate Process
    • Guardianship and Conservatorship
    • Medicaid Planning
    • And more.

    These are just some of the issues that can arise as we age. Writing a will is just one step individuals might take when it comes to planning their estate. Addressing what will happen should you become too ill to make medical or financial decisions on your own is also important. This can often be accomplished by using a durable power of attorney. Sometimes individuals have additional estate planning needs, and a trust is also used, in addition to a will.

    While it is possible to write a will on your own, each individual’s situation is unique. A template will may not be able to address specific issues that might arise as you plan your estate. Properly signing and witnessing the will is also essential in order for a will to be valid. Baby Boomers’ Barrister is an estate planning attorney in St. Petersburg, Florida that can help you with your wills, trusts, and Medicaid planning needs.

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